Monday, October 29, 2012

Start Up Continues To Grow


Its Sunday afternoon and it's time to update for those that are interested. I've been out 2 times since the last update. I started a fifth route to put more time in between deliveries. The reason for the fifth route is sales are not where I want them to be.

Still getting resistance to the $1.25 price tag but I know it is the right thing to do with the price of gas and all other expences. I'm sure with time they will stop resisting the price. Every time I have raised prices there has always been a temporary dip in sales.

I will start replacing a few accounts in a few weeks if sales don't increase but I don't want to do it to quickly.

In the last two days out on the route I picked up 28 new accounts and now have 110 total accounts. Starting the fifth route I now plan on 300 accounts for this route. Ottumwa is the location of the new route and is wide open that is a welcome thing.

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