Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Snack Box Start Up

Things have been going as planned up to this point. Last Thursday I went out with 20 boxes run the ten accounts I had and then placed 10 new accounts. Sales on an 8 work day cycle are running a little over $13.00 per box and right at 20% shortage.

I went to Muscatine Monday with 20 boxes and run the 10 established boxes and then placed 10 new accounts. My wife had taken the day off it was her birthday and I had hoped to get back early. As you might guess it was the longest day I have had since starting the route. I got done with the route and had placed the 10 new boxes about 2:30.

One of the stops I run yesterday did a decent amount of sales but the coin box was gone. This happens in this business I relate it to a board going bad in a machine. You don't want the coin box to come up missing nor do you want to buy a new board for a vending machine.

I will begin running 20 boxes tomorrow and my plan is to place 10 new accounts making my first 30 account route. By placing 10 new accounts each day I have been able to place a 50 case order every two weeks with Vistar out of Chicago.

I think at the beginning of this start up my wife may have wondered if I still had what it takes to start a new business at my age. I hope and trust that I have convinced her I still have what it takes. I have 82 boxes placed now and the goal of 240 is getting closer.
As Hanable on the A Team would have said it's nice when a plan comes together.

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