Thursday, October 11, 2012

A week and a day ago I turned in my resignation as the Iowa area manager for one of the larger vending companies in America. Three years before that I sold my full line vending company to my employer. 14 years of listening to customers complain and threaten to throw me out if I didn't do what they wanted was enough.

Before going into the full line vending business I was a snack box operator for 10 years. I'm back in the snack box business and enjoying setting up new accounts. My goal at this time is to have 4 routes with 60 accounts on each route.

I will run a route one day then the next day I will count the money and fill the boxes for the next days route. This will have me coming back to each account every 8 working days which allows them to eat enough product to make it worth my while. I'm charging $1.25 per item which makes me the highest price snack box operator in Eastern Iowa.

I started two of the routes this week with 10 boxes placed on each. Next week I will start 2 more routes with 10 boxes on each route. Friday I will start bringing the first boxes back with money in them. When I hit 240 accounts in a few weeks then it will be time to decide if I want to keep growing or not.

Some people think I'm crazy leaving my job with the vending company.  I've always told my wife at my funeral I want the song played I Did It My way by Frank Sinatra.

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