Saturday, October 13, 2012

I took off Friday with 20 boxes, 10 to service the 10 existing customers and 10 for new accounts. I had 2 new accounts early. As I was running the existing accounts one told me they had changed their mind and wanted me to take my box out. They had 2 boxes from a competitor and they only charge $1.00 per item.

Now to stay even with my goals I needed to place 11 boxes. As my day progessed I had 2 of my existing accounts that where closed. I have not counted the money yet but it looks as though 2 of the 8 boxes I brought back didn't do much. The other 6 look normal to heavy use.

I do think I'm getting some resistance to the $1.25 price but still think it will pan out to be a good move.

I placed 11 new accounts but still had 2 full boxes because of missing 2 accounts and it was about 1:30pm. I decided to use the 2 boxes and went looking for more new accounts. At about 2:30 I had picked up a couple more accounts and now I have 52 accounts on my 4 routes.

I'm having a good time walking into so many businesses. Every morning at the YMCA gym there is a gentleman that comes in shortly after my wife and I get there. Until Friday I had no idea who he was. I walked into the Sterzings Potato Chips factory office and there he was. He and a freind bought the company a couple years ago.

He come over and listened to my presentation and said no he wasn't interested. We talked for a while and I passed a message on that a piano performer in Jamaica had asked me to give a freind of his that had married into the Sterzing family over 30 years ago.

It is truly a small world with many enjoyable people in it. Every day that goes by reconfirms that leaving my former employer was the right move for me.

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