Sunday, January 15, 2012

Starting A Snack Box Business

Timing is everything, so they say. When it comes to starting a snack box business there is really no bad time. Snacks are an impulse item and when the boxes are placed the impulse makes your sales for you.

The winter months are a time that chocolate won’t melt. People seem to snack heavier in the winter months.  These two things make the winter months slightly better for starting a snack box business.

The slowest time of the year in the snack box business is all but over. The second week of December through the third week of January is the slowest time of the year in the snack box business.

Our mothers and wives start their baking about the second week of December and then comes the New Years resolutions. The New Years resolutions are coming to an end the third week of January.

In summary, the Christmas candy is gone the New Years diet has ended so it is the perfect time to start a snack box business.

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